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Tom Paterson, the developer of  LifePlan and Don Farr,
LifePlan facilitator and Coach, located in Paradise Valley, Arizona.

About me:

From my early college years, and studies beyond in professional association training, I've worked to develop a unique and encouraging coaching style that challenges and guides those being coached to move forward with clarity and purpose. 

My business career has included roles from the factory floor to the Senior Executive office and as a consultant to management.  I believe that the gifts and talents, given by God, led me to involvement with Stephen Ministry, Lay Counseling, Marriage Ministries, Missionary Debriefings, Critical Incident Stress Management, and Coaching.  Today I'm blessed to also be one of the pastors at Scottsdale Bible Church focusing exclusively on marriage relationships.

It is in LifePlan™ facilitating and Marriage Coaching that God has revealed His greatest pleasure in my life - seeing those who want to change find the courage and support to do so - even if they've been seemingly locked from moving forward.

I grew up in Pittsburgh, PA and have been blessed to have lived in the cultural subtleties of IA, OR, WA, and OK.  For the past 43 years it's been the Phoenix, Arizona area - residing in Paradise Valley,  with my bride of nearly 20 years, Mary Jane and our Sheltie.  Ask me for LifePlan™ tesimonials.


Want to do your LifePlan™ in Florida.  We'll connect you with Reid Eisenhart in the Tampa area.             Click here to see Reid's brief bio.


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